Diving Off Roman Steps Into The Sea

roman steps

Ancient Romans had carved steps into the sandstone. They had dived from the top of the outcropping into the ocean. If they had dived straight into the deep ocean, having run fast off the top edge of one of the two outcroppings, that was one thing. But if they had dived into the crevasse, between the two outcroppings, that was another. Between them there was a channel to dive into. If the Romans had not dived out far enough into the channel, they hit shallow rocks under the water. If they dove out too far, they hit the other outcropping. So, if Romans had missed back then when the diving steps were allegedly carved, or if people had missed today, they would split their heads open. No doubt about it. Diving, I suppose, for these two thousand years was irresistible. For boys can never resist the Mediterranean. Every chance boys can get to dive into the Mediterranean blue sea headfirst—whether into the ocean off the top, or into the narrow channel—they will take that chance. They will dive and dive there all afternoon for thousands of years over and over again.

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