Diamond Engagement Ring

diamond ring

When her friends had asked her when she was getting married she told them she wasn’t. Then of course they asked her why she wore an engagement ring if not. The answer to that was a bit more complicated. Her fiancé had not exactly given her the ring. It was very expensive and she wanted the nicest diamond possible. Since the time that he was quitting his job and her wanting this beautiful ring coincided, she had had her to-be fiancé give the ring jeweler 14K in cash. 3K of that was his own money. The rest had been hers. This then put the ring in his possession.

When he gave the diamond engagement ring to her on their vacation, as they had planned, he had just left it on the windowsill beside their bed for her to discover in the early morning sunlight. That was his idea of a romantic idea. But all morning she had overlooked it even though, glistening there, it was obvious it was there. Even when he put his big toe right next to it she wouldn’t acknowledge it or pick it up. She told him eventually that she couldn’t just take it herself off the windowsill; he had to actually give it to her. This made him make his proposal.

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