Wild Turkey Gypsy Fall Off Point

wild turkey feather

The first time I passed the wild turkey feather lying on the ground I had wanted to pick it up. Its tell-tale stripes, its white and brown bands, make them easy to tell apart from any other. Any little kid would, and so would I. Now I have passed this same soft feather many times since then, and it has lain there all the while. It looks bedraggled now, having gone through dozens of rains. I myself grew old. The darkness of night had passed over me and my hair woke up gray. Seasons, too, went by and more creases formed along my face. Somewhere, far beyond these forests I have wandered all my life, I remember the stilly murmur of the distant Sea still murmurs there, and I am even a little bit older this dark new morning.

8 thoughts on “Wild Turkey Gypsy Fall Off Point

      1. Ahh. Your video is already a short film. Should work on its own with the edges trimmed and a brief reflection on the prettiness. Art is the life as lived. It will work, I’m positive.

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      2. You have already done the hard part. Please invite me to come and look when you publish the film. Everyone goes through stuff. I choose to choke mine down and bury it under tons of creative work. Whatever feels good to in the expression of it is your art, Egbert. Best of luck. x

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      3. your advice was good and i simply followed what you suggested. i’m afraid the black bars on the side are the result of how i held the camera. oh, well. but thank you for the guidance on this one.

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