Songs Of The Sea & The Earth

Everything I had known, and everything I had held dear had deserted me. And, unlike Yeats’ circus animals whom he claimed had deserted him, what remained for me was an incandescent flame, a vivid, hand-held torch with which I had always and will always hold aloft. And it is by this light of God that I will see the paintings on the wall where for fifty thousand years people haven’t since traveled before. By this I will even view the perfect moment John Wilkes Booth saw like a red maple leaf fluttering down while shooting and killing Lincoln in his theater box. The crimes and sacred moments of humanity, life, and sometimes glimmers of my own death, I have caught these like melting snowflakes falling into my autumn fingers.

To me, I have felt the sorrow of being the common cook whose food had accidentally poisoned the great Buddha. But I have also felt the rope breaking the neck of a bewildered Saddam Hussein. That I have no friends to turn to, nor scarcely any possessions, even an empty dresser drawer to slide in and out, I don’t even have that simple enough human pride of such wooden ownership to stand beside and claim as “mine.” My destiny had become to be a shipwrecked sailor to be cast upon another sea, to drift without craft, and to all my life wander from land to land in search of a numberless people who do not exist, whereupon, like the curse of Odysseus, giver and receiver of pain, my oath was to plant my alien oar.

2 thoughts on “Songs Of The Sea & The Earth

  1. Every single word and method you used here reverberated through me and satiated all my senses. Truly great writing. Joy, violence, wonder, beauty — all dancing and flaying in your potent writing.

    Thank you for being such an inspiration for me. You have no idea.

    I’ll post your poem late this evening.

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    1. Likewise, you have no idea what a relief it is to hear your words, and how astutely you capture what I’m doing. There are bigger and bigger issues at play, and to have a reader and supporter like you really does give me the courage to explore deeper and further, to quail at absolutely nothing so long as my aim is upon some kind of greater truth or beyond even that. So, thank you, thank you, thank you. And I am so glad and happy, too, that I can be an inspiration for you and your work and your thoughts.

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