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rounded rocks

I’d changed all the picture places in my house with one another: the daft old woman with the young, blue-eyed fresco; the landscaped lake with the pillows on the dresser; the Spanish seamstress with the Finnish rocks; the mask of evil with the hairless juggler. I switched them, changed them all.

The bed sheets on my bed, I tore them all. I tore to shreds the tiny rosebuds, pink and soft. I shredded three sets of pure white cottons and dumped them outside in a heap. My clownish purple, polka-dotted ones I’d kept for Whitsunday, I cut apart with scissors. Even the gold ones, sewn for Cleopatra, I ripped to garden rags.

All my hats that I had worn for years, I tossed them too. My lucky Filson, I gave away to a stranger in his cups. Three straw ones I set beside fallen scarecrows in three empty autumn fields. My others, whose styles I won’t mention, like pints of blood, I donated to Good Will.

Anything I had to remind me of you, I was beside myself. Grief with Anger. Sadness with Guilt. Joy with Misgivings. Anxiety with Pleasure. I had crossed and crossed myself so many times, I became embedded with my lustrous poverty, almost barren through such eroded wealth.

10 thoughts on “Home Survey Wheelbarrow News

      1. Part of the reason I love the “first person” is that it’s so believable. “Poetic worlds” are worlds of metaphor and intention and amplification as well as minimization. Mixing “memory and desire” as T.S. Eliot begins “The Wasteland.”

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      2. Yes, it’s quite good—especially for keeping the High and Mighty from thinking too often of themselves as the High and Mighty. Silliness & Wonder are a much better combination then Candy & Tobacco.

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      3. Hmm. It depends on what kind of candy and if the tobacco is a fine cigar! I couldn’t sleep and must try… wanted to say “hello” before I drifted. Thank you, sir. I’ll talk with you again soon, I hope. 🙂

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