Edwina Hamilton Fischer


claim jumper copy

Due to a traffic accident, I could not hear above 1000 hz in either ear. The cries of birds became foreign, except the most raucous of them. Crows and grackles and several large woodpeckers. During the summertime I slept peacefully. My children were frequently bothered by the racket of bugs in the trees towards late autumn when the start of school was just around the corner. Like the bust of Washington worn down on the face of quarter, my own speech became very rounded and I was understood frequently to be disabled mentally, which was not the case. Others themselves were naturally very often hard to comprehend but so little in the days of people’s lives floats along as anything new, original, or unpredictable that I could make out from the sounds and cadences and rhythms that had been already well known to me beforehand when my hearing had been unaffected mostly what was being said. It was seldom that I missed out on anything worth more than the loss of being able to think on my own a full lifetime of thoughts. Too frequently when I was winding a watch I snapped the spring. I never broke the habit of holding it close to my left ear and turning the screw. It had been I suppose from a lesson my own father had once taught me about winding up a watch that had sat on a table or a bureau overnight alone. There was both the resistance one felt towards the end when the spring was tight and noticing the stop of the small clicking sounds along the way. Naturally, I no longer could perceive the latter but did it with some sense of enjoyment anyway.



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