Match: The Book—

Everybody has done online dating, but nobody has done online dating the way Egbert Starr has done online dating.


Take a peek inside! It’s all there in the book:


Coming out soon.

22 thoughts on “Match: The Book—

      1. Hmm. I think I can make an exception, a special dispensation. You’re in. Your loyalty is not under-appreciated, and I’d like to be able to show that. How ’bout we meet for the hand-off in Eureka, California?

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      2. That’s no good, I’m afraid. That means I’d have to spend your money just to get to you. By the time I get there, you’ll say: “Eureka! Where’s my money.” 😀 Ah, nice fantasy, anyway. I’ll read your letters and instead of money, I’ll send you my love and friendship. xo

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      3. I’ll be your silver dime… I like the idea of being a 10. Haha! Your writing is as if James Joyce had a baby with Hemingway, and you were the offspring. Kind of, anyway 🙂 I’ll let you know what I think about your letters sometime soon. 🙂

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