Justine van Praagh

old ruts in forest

I had had no visible means of support. No web extended from corner to corner holding in place itself where I was crouching waiting for a kill. Not a bunch of leaves packed high up in a tree with all sorts of gathered autumnal debris between forked branches to keep my fur warm during the cold winter. Not a pyramid of gold on which to lay my body nightly and dream. Not even a mountaintop on which to rest my fog. Mine had been entirely invisible. It had been kept there deep inside my mind. It was a place that nobody saw, and nobody had ever seen. The blackness of space of holds itself forever there. And in between there nothing falls and nothing rises all the same. The closest I had felt this once before had been sitting in a yellow wooden chair in a room quietly by myself alone. My arms had been crossed, resting on my thighs. Even my shoulders had been slumped rolled forward just a bit. And my eyes had floated down. For some while of uncertainty all had been so easy. Like the rains of November, it had passed me by like sleep.

4 thoughts on “Justine van Praagh

  1. I enjoyed the brisk pace of the story and the booming voice of this character. He feels like a retired cowboy. He’s so accustomed to sleeping in a seated position he doesn’t realise he can finally lie down.

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    1. that is so incredibly funny i just burst out laughing reading it. i think i love the most when somebody’s reaction to something i’ve written is something i’ve never imagined and i can see it exactly *that* way, not my way, but *your* way. that’s the best. so funny. retired cowboy..

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