This blog is one of the eight windows to my main website. There, at egbertstarr.com, a gorgeous, animated castle awaits you. You can go to the castle right now and read short excerpts from five books by five very different writers. Go on in, check it out,  have some fun.  You can buy books here, too.  Come visit. Play around. Sample the goods. Enjoy it!

Egbert Starr Castle

The books I publish are of course fixed in place, but my blog is ever-changing and very fluid. It is the best way I know to interact as a very private and reclusive writer with the rest of the world—and for you to interact with me. As you reach out to me, I’ll reach back out to you. I love looking at other people’s photographs, and reading other people’s writing. I hope our back and forth continues to grow, and that we all get to see and hear and share about the world we all live in.

I post frequently, almost every day, and with each new post I include a photograph. Some of these photographs are scanned from actual film pictures taken years and years ago, and some of them are digital. The writing is always fresh, always new, and always reflects what’s going on in my mind that day. I usually write hours before the sun has risen in the morning sky. So, if you like what you read, and like what you see, keep coming back each day for more.



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  1. And thanks for your follow, Egbert . . . Actually, I’m not posting on Storytellers any longer. Working on another website which will be called Thriving in Wholeness Consulting. For the time being I’m using my Facebook business page as my “website.” If you’d like to visit, I can be found at Thriving in Wholeness Consulting on FB. Peaceful new day to you . . .


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