Western Tree Of Divine Inspiration

A man of infinite strength is not a man of infinite will. He knows when to cower when he’s afraid. He knows to quail when he’s ashamed. A man of infinite courage is not a man of infinite boldness. He knows when to retreat when he is overpowered. He knows to run when he is scared. A man of infinite power is not a man of infinite might. He knows to hold out his open hand when he is poor and destitute. He knows when to submit when one greater than he appears. A man of infinite right is not even a man of infinite justice. He knows when to give in to grace itself. He knows that even the Law itself is only partial and partially flawed. A man of infinite wisdom, even this man is not a man of infinite knowledge. He knows to listen more carefully to voices besides his own. He knows the habits of his mind, however well-trained, are little more than familiar ways already leading home. A man of infinite love, this man, even he, is still not complete. For a man so long as he is attached to the most glorious visions of life itself cannot be. Once dead, he will have known an empty world of silence, as though it was a land of timeless peace. As for the idea itself of the infinite man, such an infinite man walks so closely with God, or Allah, or Yahweh Himself that all the many multitudes might too live in divinity.

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